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stills by Debi Doss

Welcome to my new website, this is Ray Davies, yes thee Ray Davies. I put my pants on one leg at a time like the rest of you boys and girls but the difference is once my pants are on I write songs. Joking aside, it's great to be back and in contact with you all again, it's been awhile. I hope that the new site creates many new friendships as well as renewing old ones and keeps you updated on my official current activities.

There is a lot of new things on this website and will be a lot more coming in the next year here including some new releases available first to the members of the site so please sign up when you can. The webmaster will be emailing out regular newsletters to the members with exclusive offers and information regarding new shows, contests and items in the webstore. From time to time I will also be updating this video blog covering my projects and travels. Well, I don't want to go on to long but I will be updating this site as much as I can with my busy schedule. Watch this space.....