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Ray Davies At The Arvon Foundation
November 7, 2017

Ray Davies Leads Songwriting Course At The Arvon Foundation

Ray Davies has spent many years tutoring future songwriters at the Arvon Foundation and just recently completed a course with a group of talented, enthusiastic students. The students described the course as:

“Very approachable and actively helpful tutors/mentors.”

“As a fledgling songwriter I found the course wonderful for helping me structure and deliver songs, write out of character and think about good intros.”

“It’s realigned my focus and brought back a sense of perspective to my overall sound.”

“Never written lyrics before- guidance, advice, suggestions from tutors/leaders was immensely encouraging.”

“Stretched me, got me co-writing, pushed me in performance. Everything was awesome!”

“It was the experience of a lifetime- wonderful location, staff, course tutors and the other students were wonderful too. Thank you.”

“It helped me to develop the confidence to write quickly on any subject.”

“It reinforced that I might actually have a talent as a writer. Gave me confidence.”

“Inspiring. Helped me focus on my goals. Gained confidence.”

“It has given me a much clearer idea about how effective songs are constructed and the various perspectives and subjects they can be built upon. It was also very useful to see the other writers’ approaches, as well as the feedback and guidance from the tutors. The working atmosphere though intense, was very nurturing and helped everyone make significant progress.”

“I saw and was able to acknowledge how everyone has different skills and abilities; everyone brings something of their own. I’m going feeling validated, appreciated and capable.”

The Arvon Foundation

The Arvon Foundation

The Arvon Foundation